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League Bylaws And Information
Un-sportsmanship conduct will not be tolerated! Examples of this are loud excessive profanity, breaking or throwing any equipment, malicious behavior, sandbagging, cheating of any kind, gambling, distracting other player when they are at the table and any unwanted physical conduct. Violations could result in suspension and or expulsion from the league. Striking another player will be cause for expulsion from the league!!!!
2.BY_LAW Changes
ANY and ALL by laws may be changed at ANY time so the printed or on line copy may not be accurate. Contact league office at for any updated copys.
3.Team Dues
 The captain is responsible for collecting and remitting the team dues and score sheets. However the whole team is responsible for the weekly $30.00. Any uncollected dues could result in withholding from and prizes or awards for the entire team. In short team members need to make sure everyone is doing their part in maintaining a viable team.
We at Route 19 TAP want to build a strong enjoyable pool league with your help we will. Penalties for non payment of league money (see Below)!
4.League fees
 National TAP fees are $20.00 per year. You must pay at least 1 week before you play the first time. Players cannot be entered into the computer database PoolNet handicapping system until membership is paid. Yearly dues must be paid prior to the 18th of the month in which they are due!! Any player not paid by then will be removed from your roster and not permitted to play until dues are paid!!! Penalties for non payment of league money (see Below)!
Penn/Ohio United TAP will pay the first year national TAP membership fee for all new team captains. Penn/Ohio United TAP will pay yearly national TAP membership fees and partial weekly league fees for all area division reps. Penn/Ohio United TAP will give a $5.00 one time discount on national TAP membership to any player that shows membership in any other national pool league.(NEW Teams captain must have over 50% new players) No discounts will apply if player does not pay on time!
6.Penn/Ohio United TAP Reserves the right to alter and change the bylaws at any time based on improving the league for all players. For general rules visit the national TAP Pool League
7.Start time: The first match will start at 7:00 PM. Or sooner if agreed on by both captains! 
8.Adding players: A player may be added to a team at any time up till the last 6 weeks of league play. A player may be added after that deadline with division rep. approval and review by the league operator. (certain circumstances may permit addition of one or more players in the final 5 weeks)
9.Forfeits: At no time may a team take 4 or 5 forfeits in one night of league play!! Every attempt to rescheduled the scheduled match in the following 2 weeks must be made and a mutually agreed on date setup! If there is no resolution then a 3/2 bye will be awarded to the team that showed up and no league fees are due. Any further matches by the forfeiting team (if they drop out) will also be 3/2 byes. Unless the division has a bye in the schedule then the teams with byes will play each other for the remainder of the session. NOTE ALL forfeits by both teams involved MUST be paid for no matter what! No team will be required to reschedule a match based on another leagues event.

Ghost (Benefit): Double play This is a benefit allowed by your league operator to help a team in an emergency. This benefit may be revoked at any time!

If team A is short players and knows at the start of the night and team B. has a full roster at the start of the night. Team A may ask team B to allow double play (ghost). If team B agrees then it is final for the night and it can’t be changed. Unless team A’s players do not remain at the match until a double play has been selected or for some reason team a has another player show up. No player may play more than twice in any league night in the same division. All Ghost matches MUST be paid at the full $6.00. The Ghost play in the last 6 weeks of any session is PROHIBITED!! Any violation will result in loss of points! 
"" NO SHOWS "" A team will be given ONE benefit of the doubt and be allowed one and only one "NO SHOW" They will be warned and will not recieve any points for that week! A second "NO SHOW" Will result in imediate removal of the team from the division and the "forfeit" of any and ALL league awards,payouts and playoff slots and trips. And monies forfeited back to the league will be returned to the general fund! Examples of no shows are only 1 player shows up or only 2 players show up with no others on their way!

Burn Out Strategy
If team A is short players and team B has a full roster to start the night. Team B decides to take the forfeits instead of allowing the double play (ghost). Team A can choose to burn out a player that is on their roster but not present at the match. Thus if team B puts up the best player on their roster then team A can then burn that match and take the loss.

10.The 25 Handicap Rule: All teams must play by this rule see TAP LLC. Rule book 

11.Higher Level Tournament Qualifications: You must have fulfilled all requirements in the TAP National handbook and be active on a team roster through all sessions up to and including the session the tournament is played including the division Best Of The Rest playoffs.

14.Time Outs: Two time outs per game will be allowed for 3 handicaps and below everyone else will have one only!

16. TIE BREAKER: If 2 teams are tied at the end of the session. The tie breaker will be The team with the most team wins e.g.: 2/1 out of 3 will be the winner! If two teams have equal team wins e.g.: 2/2 out of 4 then we will review individual matches won and the team with the most player matches won will be the winner, If the teams are still tied at that point then a captain on captain handicapped playoff will determine the winner!

Host location  
All rules of the host will be observed. Including if a person is banned from that location then they cannot play 
there. If masse and jump shots not permitted then we don’t do them. Smoking policies will be observed. Age 
guidelines are stated in the TAP national rules and bar policies will over rule if different. Remember this is 
their place of business and livelihoods respect all host locations rules. 
We at Penn-Ohio United TAP Pool Leagues want to build a strong enjoyable pool league with your help we will!

 8 Ball and 9 Ball League
OUR 8 and 9 BALL EVENTS ARE EVERY SESSION! Any team having won a titleholder MUST stay active as a player in any Penn-Ohio United TAP divisions up to and through the Nationals session. No team may win 2 titleholders however a player may play in and win a second Titleholder on a team with less than 50% of common players.


 All Players must be active to be elegable to play in these events!

  If a player fails to attend the event they had won! Whether a buyin or league event any and all amounts collected will be added back to the league general fund! (League operator may allow entry into the next major event) If a player quits or does not stay active at any point! There is NO cash out option!

​### Team Shirt Policy ### Ever since we started with Our TAP Leagues we have given any team a $5.00 per shirt league credit per player up to 8 players on a team. This is for putting the local TAP logo or the national TAP logo on the shirt. The policy has always been a league credit $5.00 off one night of play or off yearly dues! No cash is handed out for this from the league. We do not offer this for bulk t-shirt orders or for non team individuals. Contact your division rep and have them contact the league office before any t-shirt purchase for approval!

!!! Proper Procedure # 2 !!! Players when you joined TAP I friend-ed you so as to be able to share with you all the great things your TAP league has for you the player. Most of you are added to local groups and have been invited to like our Penn-Ohio United TAP Pool League page on Facebook. If and when you have any question as to the equipment being used in your local leagues or any other questions. The first step is to consult your captain and try to resolve the issue. Second step would then be for your captain to contact your area league rep and all our areas have one and some areas have 2. League reps address all issues at our rep meetings or may be able to resolve your issue in a shorter time frame. As to equipment I am sure if you ask who owns the equipment you will find that the TAP League nor I own any pool tables used for league play in any of our areas and have little say so as to the maintenance that is a local issue that must be brought to the equipment owner and the more people that contact them the better.  

TAP requires 3 16 week sessions to remain a valid league that may vary session to session. Based on the scheduling and titleholder and best of the rests and Nationals being date sensitive we MUST adhere to these session limits meaning we cant extend or shorten any session as this may cause conflicts with the overall operation of the league. Some divisions may be short in that session time frames for example a Monday night league may only get 13 playable weeks in a 16 week time frame as they may have 3 Monday holidays so that is the nature of the beast. What I have been hearing from a couple divisions is (Some teams have more byes than others and that's not fair) unfairness is based and defined as a collusion or willingness to do some one wrong! Think about it the schedules are random and there is a set amount of teams and weeks and so not every session every time will be exact so we move on this is called the luck of the draw and it may be you this session and not you next session. We will not add or take away weeks for that purpose. Thanks All!! TAP ON!! THIS POLICY has stood the test of time for over 7 years and will NOT be changed or altered! !!!

League Schedules: Are done with a random computer program! They are never done to favor one team or another although some may think that! There are just so many week plays in a typical session and based on team count, locations, tables and total weeks is how it is done!
All schedules are subject to change at ANY time at the discresion of the league office! 

Penalties for non payment of league money!

#NOTE# These penalties listed are not the only options the league office has for collection of league fees! Teams and players when you agree to play on a team or captain a team you have verbally agreed to a session contract to show up each week when needed and play for your team and pay your league fees including your yearly league dues! ALL captaine are responsiable for the collection and imidiate remittal of ALL league fees! Players owing money will have the sum of money posted to their name on pool net for everyone to see! Captains owing league fees will have that posted next to their name in pool net for everyone to see.  The league office has the right and obligation to the league to collect all league fees through every means avaliable including but not limited to Leagal action,removal of a player or a whole team from the league holding any and ALL awards including but not limited to cash payouts ,trophies,patches and other awards such as trips.

Penalties for early disbanding of a team!
​ Any team or player quitting any time during any session without fulfilling the obligation of playing a full session will immediately forfeit any and all rights to any and all awards,playoff slots and trips and cash. Any and all money will be returned to the league general fund!
​#NOTE# These penalties listed are not the only options the league office has for the early disbanding of a team! 

Penalties for  cyber bashing !
A player in our leagues has many options for expressing their grievience! 
Cyber bashing over the past few years has grown to sensless rants that are baseless and the league office has no way to defend the integrety of the league. So when it becomes evident that a player is useing the League or League operator in a cyber rant on ANY social media That person will be removed and banned from league play and will lose any and all league awards and or playoff slots,money or trips.
#NOTE# These penalties listed are not the only options the league office has for cyber bashing!

Defunct division! A division that starts the session and does not complete a full session is concidered dffunct. All league fees must be paid up to the date of quitting. ##NOTE## any players or teams owing money will have the ammount attached to their name in pool net and will be subject to any and all collection efforts. All collected funds,awards,playoff spots or trips will be forfietted back to the league general fund! #NOTE# These penalties listed are not the only options the league office has for the early disbanding of a division! 

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